Project Canineum - Getting started

Step 0: Your PC should be running a 64 bit version of Windows.
Step 1: Download Canineum
Step 2: Open the ZIP file and move the folder inside wherever you want it to be.
Step 3: The browser and all its files are inside this folder, feel free to create a desktop shortcut for it, for easier use.
Note1: This is a free browser, not selling your data or showing you extra ads. For that reason it can only support freely available audio and video codecs.
Tip1: This will get better as patents expire overtime.
Adblockers: Adblockers or other extensions are not supported yet, but you can use AdGuard DNS to block ads in all browsers on your PC.

Tips and Tricks

Task Explanation
Load URL Put your URL in the address bar
Smart Search Put anything else in the address bar to search it, you can even use Search Syntax or Bangs
Open files Put "file:///file address" in the address bar or drag your file into the browser window (works best with PDFs, images and txt files)
Pins and Unpins Use commands "/pin" and "/unpin" (when pinned Canineum will always be the top window)
Fullscreen Use the fullscreen commands "/fullscreen" and "/unfullscreen"
Languages Websites are loaded based on keyboard language, used when the browser is launched (if they support this feature and the language)
Right click This menu can be used for printing and inspecting source code, it also has shortcuts to some of the buttons next to the address bar

Project Canineum - Changelog

-based on a new version of Chromium (102)
-Small changes and fixes

-adding "/devtools"

-Fresh new layout for the summer
-Zoom command "/zoom" zoom number (from -100 to 100)
-User agent command "/useragent" string (for example "Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:89.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/89.0" if you want Google accounts to work)
-Default user agent had to be changed again to the one that works with most things, except Google accounts

-The Canineum window text now includes the name and description of the site you are browsing

-The address bar is now even better at recognizing links and files hosted on servers from search terms
-The "debug.log" file is no longer created when using the public build

-System.Net using features of the address bar moved to System.Net.NetworkInformation, making it faster and fixing the bug preventing some sites from being recognised
-The way Canineum is closed after the "X" button is pressed was changeg slightly, fixing some rare bugs that could happen when closing the browser
-The "company" behind Canineum is now called Canine Software

-WebRTC support (includes screen sharing)
-Sites are no longer missing the 1mm of content on both sides of the form window
-Address bar now recognizes searches starting with "/" as valid and those starting with "file:///" as local file paths
-Cleaner ZIP file, with no junk files inside